Thursday, July 28, 2011

New items in Abodewell's Etsy shop and new Etsy shop for leather goods!

I've been a very busy monkey over the past few months, making new stuff for my Abodewell shop and starting up my new Etsy shop for handmade leather goods, Sorringowl & Sons.

Here are a few new items from my new leather goods shop on Etsy, Sorringowl & Sons:

And here are some items from my new Etsy Abodewell shop:

I will also be adding some "new" vintage and refurbished items on my blog here and advertising them on Apartment Therapy soon.  So... stay tuned!

And Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New items on Abodewell! and Happy Belated New Year!

Okay, yes, I haven't written in awhile (and for that I apologize), and yes, I haven't posted any items on here for awhile (again, my apologies) and, yes, I haven't really been around.  But if this were school and I had to give you a note, well, it would go something along the lines of the excuse my sister once gave her homeroom teacher in high school for being absent:

                                          Dear Blog Followers:

                                          I'm sorry I was absent but...
                                          I had to go to the beach.

                                          Frank @ 

And while, technically (and despite living in L.A.) I'm not a beach person, and while, technically, I didn't really go to the beach, I did need to get some stuff in order and take a much needed break, which, for all intents and purposes, was my "beach".  So, I hope you can excuse this and hopefully I won't have to make it up in summer school.

So now that that ugly but necessary business has been taken care of, onto brighter things.  

Happy (Belated--see above) New Year!  It's a New Year and I have some new stuff (with more to come here and in my Etsy shop)!

First up, this beautiful, all solid wood (maple, no less) butterfly gate leg table.

The top on this has gorgeous tiger striped grain...


And this is like three tables in one.  Both leaves can be folded down (to a size of 22" deep x 40" long x 29.5" high) so this can be used like an occasional table or sofa table, which is great if you don't have a lot of space.  It can also be used with one leaf up, as a desk or small table (size with one leaf open is 39" long x 40" deep x 29.5" high)...

And, of course, fully open (size is 56" long x 40" deep x 29.5" high fully opened) for dinner parties or an extra buffet table that you can tuck away after the party. 

This is available for sale right now on Craigslist (see the ad here) or, contact me directly me through my blog here.  Only $225.  Practically a steal!

Happy Belated New Year!

Frank @

Update 1/20/11: This item has gone to a good home.  More to come.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage Swiss Grey Dresser on Apt Therapy L.A. Scavenger!

The nice people at ATLA have included the Vintage Swiss Grey Dresser I have up for sale today on Craigslist!  Those are some swell folks! (with good taste, wink, wink...)

Vintage Swiss Grey Dresser on ATLA!

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Vintage items up on Craigslist L.A.!!!

Here are a few new items up on Craigslist L.A.

First, we have this lovely Swiss Grey Tallboy Dresser.  Made of solid wood with the original brass hardware. 

I love the color of this and I really like the way the old brass looks up against this.  Reminds me of an old piece of military furniture from an officer's quarters.  Solid wood and solid brass hardware.  See the Craigslist ad here for this beautiful dresser.

Next up is a Mid Century Coffee Table made in Sweden.  Very nice teak on this and the turned, solid wood legs are solid (no wobbling here).

Has recently been refurbished and oiled and waxed.  This is a gorgeous, retro piece that will really stand out.  Check the Craigslist for this coffee table here.

And finally, this week, check out this cute, little solid wood table with turned legs and a little drawer.

This would be perfect for a side table, night table, occasional table or even a laptop table.  It's the perfect desk height to work on (26") and is very well constructed.  Put some small notepads and pencils in the drawer and you're good to go.  See the ad here.

Email via this blog or via Craigslist to see any of these items.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First Treasury List on Etsy!

The other night I couldn't sleep, so, I decided to get online and just browse Etsy as a shopper (something I rarely do).  I saw so many beautiful things, I decided to make a Treasury List.  Here it is, inspired by tobacco and literary figures, Tobacco Wrote

Monday, September 20, 2010

Green & Chrome Chairs on Etsy's Front Page!

Just recently found out these made it to Etsy's Front Page!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Furniture Makeover! From boring, outdated armoire to very hip, modern and oh so tres chic Barmoire!

What is a "Barmoire," you may ask?  It is a fancy name I came up with for an outdated armoire, like so...

...that is repurposed into a new (looking), modern Bar, complete with sliding wine rack drawers, mirrored tile, fancy (and eco-friendly) lights and a wooden glass rack overhead.  As in, like so...

Here's are a few close ups of the components:

the inside

battery operated, eco-friendly L.E.D. lights add nice, soft mood lighting at very little expense to you and the environment

...and the sliding wine rack drawers are a nice place to store your favorite bottles of Chateau Bluh Bluh Bluh, '57 (obviously, I'm very knowledgeable about wine).  

the finished piece complete with glass knobs.

So, before you throw out that hulking or outdated piece of furniture, you might ask yourself, "Hmmm....I wonder if I can use that for something else?"