Friday, July 30, 2010

Set of four green Mid Century chairs for sale

This is a set of four, Mid Century, green vinyl and chrome tubing chairs, in excellent shape!  Just got these in and did a thorough cleaning and polishing so, they look awesome and are ready to use right now (like, now!).

They won't last so, if you're interested, you can see the ads here on L.A. Craigslist and the classifieds section of Apartment Therapy L.A. and contact me through those ads or right here from my blog.  Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Furniture Makeovers!

From Seventies Party Pooper to Modern Day Life of the Party!

This Sixties Hollywood Regency Credenza goes from a snoozer with tired paint, outdated brass hardware and a dated, early '70's, gold and dull yellow paint combo to... 


 eye catcher!  With a fresh Mermaid Blue/Ocean Metallic paint finish and new (and much smaller) chrome/glass handles that draw the eye to the lovely frame and panel doors, this once obnoxious party pooper has been updated to a modern, functional, life of the party centerpiece that can be used as a bar, buffet, media cabinet or as storage for books, china or collectibles.  This piece says, "Yes, I am still funky but I clean up nice for parties and special occasions!"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Before and After

Mid Century Vintage Danish Dresser -- From Wallflower to Showpiece 
This is an interesting piece a client brought to me that was in need of some TLC: a Danish Mid Century Dresser with teak veneer and solid wood drawers.  The veneer was peeling in places and scratched, the finish had either disappeared in spots or melted into a plasticky puddles.  Instead of this piece taking the spotlight as a show stopper, it meekly whispered, "Oh, no, that's cool...I'll just be right here in the corner."


Well, working with my client (who had just moved and wanted to make a statement with her place), we came up with a plan to really make this piece shine.

The construction of the piece was solid but the condition of the veneer on the drawer faces was such that it would have to be replaced (an often difficult and expensive undertaking) and my client wanted to stay within a budget. 

So, we decided to give the front of this piece a new facelift and paint it white.  For this, I used a quality semi-gloss paint that would resist fading, yellowing and stains; I also added a few coats of wax to the finish to give it even more protection.  The top, sides and legs of this piece were then sanded carefully (so as to avoid sanding through the very thin teak veneer), stained with a natural walnut stain and finished with an all natural, oil and beeswax finish (all applied by hand) and then hand buffed.

The result (which we were both very happy with), is a piece that now says "I'm sophisticated, I have great bone structure and I won't be ignored."   Shine on, you beautiful, little Danish diamond.  Shine on.