Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Eco Friendly Items at my Etsy Shop!

This week I am adding all new items to my Etsy shop.  They are earth friendly, made of recycled wood and have a rustic but modern edge to them. 

These Napkin Rings are made of one chunk of beautifully scented Eucalyptus wood, cut into four sections.  

The knots and checks in the wood have been left intact to remind you that this was part of a tree (and not something that does not resemble a tree, or even wood).  These are hand finished and left in the sun to mellow the patina.  


These would be great on a summer night for an intimate, outdoor dinner or during the day for a Sunday brunch.


And if you're looking for some great eco-friendly napkin options to go with this set, please visit TerreMum's Etsy Shop (who was kind enough to include one of my candle holders in her awesome blog by the same name--Thank you, Jennie!--more on that later).   

She makes really beautiful, handcrafted, hand printed linen napkins (you know, proper napkins--but ones you can use everyday) like these:


To see these, and other great, eco friendly gift options, check out my Etsy shop (and others) and thanks for visiting my blog!

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