Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Making of the Tenzin Sake/Tea Set: Part Two: Instant Sake/Tea Set!

Okay, NOW, without further ado, the making of the Tenzin Sake Tea set.

1.  This small slab of wood came from one of the logs mentioned in Part One of this odyssey of wooden madness. Buahahahaha!

2. Each piece of lumber that was cut with the MOAB (mother of all bandsaws) was painted with water based paint on the ends (to keep the edges from drying too fast and the wood splitting) and then dated and marked (this is number 3 in a series of "bookmatched" logs--meaning if you split a piece of wood, lengthwise, in two, each piece would mirror each other when you "opened" them up, like a book, hence the term, "bookmatched).  Hard to believe this has been drying for eight years.  I will not use any wood before its time (and until I can come up with something that I think is suitable for such beautiful wood).

3. The  board on the chopping block.  It was there for a few minutes before I could get the courage to cut into it. 

4. The first cut is the deepest (at least that's what Sheryl Crow says, and she knows...I have know idea why I just said that.  I don't even know Sheryl Crow or her music).

5. With my thorough, scientific technique of measuring (I eyeball it until it just "feels" right), I cut the first piece which will eventually become the pouring vessel of the set.   I feel good about the cut too.  Nothing worse than wasting nice wood you worked so hard to make useful.

6. The sections of the slab that will be used for the drinking cups.  At this point, they seem to me like they should be smaller than the pouring vessel; lighter and smaller and more delicate. 

7.  So, I cut them down and drill the holes.  There.   Much better.  And then, after some sanding, shaping, finishing (by bathing them, in food safe oil), and putting them out in the sun to dry and mellow, Voila!

Instant Sake/Tea Set!

Well, if you consider 8 years from start to finish as being instant, then yes, Voila!

Instant Sake/Tea Set!

If you would like to see more pics of this set in my Etsy shop, click here and thanks for reading my blog!  Tenzin Sake/Tea Set


  1. Hi Frank! Juanita here... quite an interesting blog you have here! :) I love the sake set! Where do you buy your tools from?

    Seriously, you and my papa need to meet. He's a woodworker, too. :) You both have different styles; he has more of a New Mexican sensibility. I have a lot of his furniture in my flat. Right now, he's making a buffet table for my mom.

    What other projects do you have in the works?

  2. Hey Juanita! Thanks for the compliments.

    Most of my tools are pre-owned (old) that I've acquired over years from other woodworkers. The older tools seem to work the best as they're much simpler and more stable. I do have some newer, store bought tools too, though, so, there's a nice mix.

    Your dad sounds like an interesting guy. I love the New Mexican style (I got interested in woodworking right around the time I lived in Santa Fe, coincidentally). I would love to see some of his stuff if you have any pics.

    Right now I'm working on smaller pieces: candleholders, desk sets and the decoupaged birdhouses (those are the ones I'm most excited about).

    Yadi tells me you are thinking of starting a blog? (or have one?--I can't remember) If so, let me know, either way. Would love to hear your ideas for a blog. Thanks again for reading my blog and for the complements.

  3. Thanx so much! It's especially complimentary coming from someone with such an inspiring blog!

  4. Frank, so sorry I'm getting back to you late. I don't get notifications. Wait... I think I do, but at AIM, which I never check. Ha. Anyway ...

    You lived in Santa Fe? Gosh, I love Santa Fe sooo much and would love to live there. I'm sure Yadi told you about our road trip there. Other than getting the worst case of hay fever ever, it was so beautiful there. Can't get enough of New Mexican food like green chile stew and sopaipillas! :)

    As for my papa, it would be nice if you and Yadi visited my parents' home one day. My papa would love to show you his stuffs as he loves to talk about his work (who doesn't, right?) He doesn't have pictures of his woodwork online. He really should, though.

    Frank, I LOVE your woodwork. Walnut is a more pricy wood, yes? It is absolutely gorgeous and perfect to make into candleholders! Wish I could buy one but can't afford right now, yikes.

    As for a blog, I do have one, under a pseudonym, on LiveJournal. That's more for private stuff, most of it is locked. I have a Twitter, too, but it's not linked to a blog. you can ask Yadi about it. My early entries on LJ are public, though, much of it rather silly. Ha. Should definitely start a separate blog with real name attached.

    As for your blog, I don't see how it can be improved! It's easy on the eyes and I like the topics at hand, especially the step-by-step processes of your creations. :) I love that.

    Btw, thanks for the lovely potluck gathering. It was cosy and I enjoyed myself very much. You're a swell guy, Frank. :)