Monday, January 4, 2010

Twelve Things for 2010 Part One - One through Four

Here are 12 projects that I would like to complete this year, in no order (in other words, whichever I get to first is cool beans with me).  I will be posting the progress of these (and others) in the future so, now that I've posted it here, I'm committing myself to following through on these (.....gulp...).

1. Create a Writing area.  This is not to be confused with a surfing the web/eating/paying the bills/cat nap destination/putting my feet up and joining the cat in a nap area.  Just a place to WRITE...and nothing else.  Maybe with a handful of books, a bulletin board to post things that will inspire me (to write) and a desk with a small drawer or two for the necessities (paper, pens and...what else do you need?).  Just thinking about that sounds like heaven.

2. Create an Arts & Crafts area.  No, not where I would glue raw elbow macaroni to paper plates to make faces (although that sounds tempting).  But a place where I could make stuff that I like to make which can't be made in my wood shop (because it's too dusty and loud most of the time); stuff like, leather goods, drawings, paintings and what have you.   All I would need is a work surface, some shelving and some leisure time.  The former two will be easy to come by, the latter, not always so much but this year I'm committing to living the way the Italians do; with ease, grace and plenty of good food, wine and friends around.

3. Make a guitar.  "Like a real guitar? with strings and everything??" you may ask.  Well, of course, what other kind is there?  Actually, a flamenco guitar, to be exact (in the style of Antonio de Torres, like the one pictured below, would not be too shabby).  I have always wanted to do this and I've never taken the time despite having a fully equipped woodshop.

4.  Finish decorating my place.  It's been three years since I've moved and I still have curtains hanging from my walls with thumb tacks.  Enough said.

More to come...

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