Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twelve Things for 2010 -- Part Two, Five through Eight

5.  Take a regular Yoga class.   I consider myself to be neither flexible nor particularly athletic but when I see a person doing yoga, no matter what their physical appearance, I think to myself, "wow, not only are they flexible but they must be very athletic."  Now, am I saying I want to be like this yogi?

No.  It's just that I no longer want to feel like this Yogi:

(Actually, striking that pose, even Yogi Bear seems to be more flexible than I am.)

6. Create a music space in my home.  I like to strum my guitar and write songs every so often; songs that I have no intention of sharing with the world, with titles like, "The Relationship Song (or, Just Tell Me What You Want, Already)." 
I have no interest in starting a band, or going on tour, or even necessarily making an album but by the power of Ziggy Stardust, it sure would be nice to have a dedicated space to sing badly and make up songs that make me laugh, cry and occasionally, confuse me...maybe a lil' sumpin' like this (courtesy of Elle Decor):

7.  Stage a play in my backyard (Summer '10).

I have always wanted to stage a play outdoors, under the twinkling stars of a warm summer night but as I don't have access to the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, I thought, "Why not my own backyard?"  I have been writing a play that I want to stage this summer.  Now, I just need to finish it, cast it, have six weeks of rehearsals, create scenery, lighting and all of the rest and panic through opening night!  More details to come.

8. Clean up and decorate my backyard (in preparation for #7).  Below, is what my backyard kind of looks like now (except, not so neat):

You do the math (see photo in #7).


  1. What a fantastic blog! I've only just read your latest post, but am sure to sit contentedly, and with coffee in hand, read through many, many more. You're a fantastically witty writer. I especially loved the bit about the Yogi's!

    Your newest fan,

  2. Scott, Thanks for the complements! When I stumbled upon your blog, "Domicidal Maniac," two things crossed my mind: that's an awesome title for a decor blog! Why didn't I think of it? (followed by kicking myself in the pants while being simultaneously in awe of your wit) and two (okay, maybe that's more than two): your articles in D.M. live up to their great name!
    I am your Fanzini for life! Thanx for the follow!
    Frank @ abodewell