Thursday, January 7, 2010

Go Eco-Friendly! Sunlight Candleholder featured on Etsy's Blog, The Storque!

Thanks to Emily Bidwell at Etsy for including my Sunlight Candleholder in her article in The Storque (Etsy's Blog):  Etsy Finds: Lean Green Machine  Thanx, Emily!

While you're there, check out some very cool Earth Friendly finds from some very creative people all over the world!  Etsy seller, Fibrillaria, from Hungary (first of all, how cool is Hungary!), sells construction plans to make your own earth friendly doghouse out of "clay, straw and manure (horse or cow) that stays cool in summer and protects from snow, rain and harsh winds in winter."  All for 6 bucks!  How freaking cool is that??  (Okay, maybe I would use mud instead of manure, but I am, after all, a city boy.  I do live near horse stables though...hmm....?)

Also, too (as it's recently been pointed out to me I say a lot, Thanks, Pete), check out Snowdon's, (located "near Manchester," yes, my friend, in "EEN-glond") eco-friendly "Nutter Bag."  How's that for mixing eco-friendly with English cheeky...mate!  (I used "mate" in a sentence, even though, no one really says "mate" in England--see the film Rushmore.  [giving myself a gentle punch on my other shoulder--not the same one with the fist--it's confusing to me too, just trust me on this]).

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