Wednesday, March 10, 2010

SOLD! Vintage Green wood Desk with Anthropologie hardware!

Here is my latest makeover subject.  A Vintage wood desk that I refinished and painted a Bamboo Green.  More citrus colors!!!  When will it stop?  (Probably not any time soon.)
I also put some timepiece knobs on this from Anthropologie.

Let me know what you think of the color and hardware.   I love the color but I know it's not for everybody.  I would love to hear your take on it!

I was thinking, if I were going to keep this piece (hmm...don't tempt me...) what are some desk accessories that I would match this up with?  Here are a few items from my fellow Etsy sellers, tushtush, pilotdesigns and ikcdesign, three very creative sellers that all have great stuff.  Please check them out!

Tushtush is one of my favorite painters of small works on Etsy.  Her portraits are intimate, beautifully composed and best of all, very reasonably priced.   This portrait, Acoustic Guitar, is one of my favorites by tushtush

and it's only $15 duquets for a print!  Whaaat?!  Yup!  A steal!  ($60 for the original, which, for an original painting is an even bigger steal! [But notice that the link I posted for Acoustic Guitar goes straight to the print version....okay, that's because I want the original.  So do me a favor and don't steal this steal from me...because I wanna' steal it.  Alright, buy it if you really want it but then do me a favor and buy something from my shop so that I can afford one of tushtush's paintings--See, win-win!--what a sneaky Sicilian I am.]) 

Okay, next up to go with the Bamboo Green Desk (that I want to keep but am going to force myself not to), a lamp by Etsy seller,  Keith Moore, whose Etsy shop, pilotdesign, features some very cool, very inspiring and very creative accessories for the home (I know, a lot of "very" but his work is just very "very!").  The Postage Lamp is one of Keith's designs that's just, well, "very," as in it would look very cool on the desk:


I love the graphic look of this piece and the fact that Keith uses a lot of recycled and sustainable materials, like bamboo, in his work.  Nice work from a very interesting guy (read his profile here) whose life does sound like a country music song--but not in a Hank Williamsy kind of way.
Lastly, it would be nice to have something to write in whilst sitting at this desk, whether it be a journal, some business papers, or what have you.  Let's go with Etsy seller numero trois, ikcdesign's 
Recycled Record Journal, pictured here (diagonally!--like in the Connect Four commercial!)

At night, whilst sitting at your bamboo green desk...your Postage lamp dimly lit, pondering tushtush's Acoustic guitar print (because the painting is mine--it will be will be mine...), you can open your brand new, recycled Bob Seger record journal and bust some pen and ink night moves in the form of poetry to your lover (imagined or real) or random musings about life and death (if you're feeling in a particularly French existentialist mood) or just sit there, staring at a blank page, maybe sipping a glass of your favorite two buck Chuck (as I often do in my marathon, non-productive, "writing" sessions) knowing that all is well (and it really is) because at the very least (if not more) you have some nice things to look at in your house--g. dammit!--if really, it's only in your home office (or, for me, the space in my bedroom I refer to as "my office").

Just posted the desk on Craigslist, here in Los Angeles, for all you local folk (and I also offer delivery) and this will also be up for sale in my Etsy shop very soon.
To see the craigslist ad, go here:
Vintage Bamboo Green Writing Desk Anthropologie hdwe
To see more pics of this and some of my other past pieces I've sold, visit my new Flickr photo page:
To see this in person, email me here or on Craigslist!  "0\/0"

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